16/09/2016 News

Breaking news on CNBC STYRELF ECO2 is the new more environmental friendly solution


CNBC and BFMTV talk about it!

STYRELF ECO² makes the headlines! The French websites BFM TV and CNBC both published a special report on environmental challenges faced by the bitumen industry. Gilles Gauthier, Technical and Product Development Manager and Angélique Brunon, Product Engineer at Total Bitumen answered journalist’s questions on this matter.

“Environment is clearly a driver for innovation so what’s really at stake here is to create new solutions for the bitumen market” says Gilles Gauthier. Indeed, in order to remain competitive in the future, but also answer client expectations and market demands increasingly geared toward sustainable development, the bitumen industry must quickly initiate its own green revolution. “In terms of environmental innovation we have specific polymer modified bitumen used for the recycling and we also have products that can be used at a lower temperature part of the ECO² range” indicates Angélique Brunon.



Innovate today for a more sustainable development

In order to respond to the urging environmental considerations, Total Bitumen provides to his clients special solutions less damaging to the environment which are also contributing to sustainable development with STYRELF ECO²: the effective energy saving bitumen solution without performance compromises. “This product is labeled Total Ecosolutions that promotes all the products within Total that are more environment friendly, with lower CO² emission or less energy consuming for instance” says Angélique Brunon.

The industry main focus is the reduction of asphalt mix production and application temperatures. Indeed being able to lower the temperature significantly reduces the energy consumed and harmful emissions. Thanks to a 40°C temperature decrease, STYRELF ECO² can achieve up to “35% energy saving during the pavement production phase“ indicates Angélique Brunon. Lowering the pavement application temperatures by 10 °C allows the reduction of fumes by half. It also means better work conditions and improved safety for the workers thanks to less fumes and less heat on the work site.

Great performances never cease to convince all the major actors of the industry. “Energy and climate issue are very important to us” declares Brian Kent, National Technical Director at Tarmac. “Our customers are now demanding a sustainable approach to construction […] we’ve been working with Total Bitumen now for over five years, it’s our first choice” indicates Brian Kent.

Even if this type of product is indeed a little more expensive than regular bitumen, in the long run it’s a win-win because it allows a significant decrease of energy consumption and also means cost savings. No wonder STYRELF is considered in the industry as ”the leader of polymer modified bitumen for over 25 years”, concludes Gilles Gauthier.

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