23/11/2016 News

EUROBITUME partnership with EAPA on Asphalt Advantages communication

Launched in October 2014, The Asphalt Advantages website celebrates its second anniversary.

Initiated by Eurobitume and the European Asphalt Pavement Association (EAPA), the successful campaign is now widely recognized as a valuable and useful source of information. His main purpose is to encourage people from the industry to advocate, engage and communicate on the advantages of asphalt and why it is the first choice material for road maintenance.




Indeed it allows the industry to share the knowledge about asphalt pavement, educate and inform a wide range of stakeholders related to the industry. It highlights the key topics of asphalt which are : Sustainability, Comfort, Economics and Safety.

As a member of Eurobitume, we support the online campaign of “The Asphalt Advantages” because we all have a same objective, to build and maintain better roads for the future.

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