03/11/2016 News

CCIFER Conference in Romania

Total Bitumen’s participation in this event overview.

On the 4th of October, the French Trade and Industry Chamber in Romania (CCIFER) organized in Bucharest the conference “The Road Infrastructure of tomorrow”.

Ten experts of the road took part and contributed actively in this event including Angélique Brunon, Product Engineer at Total Bitumen Paris, Franck Haettel, Managing director in Romania & Iulian Gutu, Bitumen manager in Romania. This event, that took place in Bucharest on Total Romania’s initiative, gathered authorities, civil society representatives, builders, consultants and also manufacturers from all places.



The international conference covered many subjects related to the road itself such as road infrastructures quality, used materials for the construction but also technical execution and safety. This gathering aimed to stimulate the industry and engage all the actors of the road to enhance the realization of infrastructures projects but also to resolve issues by taking appropriate actions. Indeed Romania’s roads and highways are becoming a strategic challenge for the development of the country. However there are still many shortcomings to overcome, such as the poor conditions of this country’s roads.

Eastern European countries are generally less open to these products and it is hard for us to develop this segment in the region”, explained Angélique Brunon. The CCIFER wishes to heighten awareness to the authorities on the sustainable infrastructure construction in order to convince them to build superior quality roads which will be less costly on the long run and less damaging to the environment.

Because road infrastructure is improving very slowly in Romania, the French Chamber of Commerce in Romania launched the White Book of Construction last July which includes 35 synthesized propositions from the business sector in order to unblock and encourage infrastructure projects. “Our intention was to gather important actors in the sector and international experts to share their experience. The idea was not to point out difficulties, known by all, but rather to promote solutions”, explained Franck Haëttel.




Sustainable Road Infrastructures for Romania

In order to answer the challenge of creating sustainable roads Angélique Brunon made a presentation that showed the importance of bitumen quality. Indeed, technical solutions already exist and are available. Polymer modified bitumen, such as Styrelf. “The main argument we use is that such a product can prolong the lifespan of the road by 30% to 50% and save money for the state even if the product is more expensive”, she said. She also explained the difference between the performance of various PMBs and notably the ones of STYRELF.


TOTAL lecture on STYREF at the UTCB

Following the conference “Road infrastructure of tomorrow” Franck Haettel joined by our expert on polymer modified bitumen Angélique Brunon went on the 5th of October to the Universitatea Tehnica de Constructii Bucuresti to present a lecture on STYRELF displaying his numerous benefits.



More than 100 students in terminal year who in the near future will work as engineers in construction companies, government representatives or project consultants attended this lecture. “The feedback was very positive, the discussions with students continued even after the presentation”, confirmed Adrian BURLACU, deputy dean at University.



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