Styrelf: the high performance polymer modified binder (pmb)


Styrelf is produced by the crosslinking of thermoplastic elastomers within bitumen, which provide Styrelf outstanding performances:

  • excellent durability: resistance to ageing, retained elastic recovey
  • fatigue resistance: enhanced elasticity and resistance
  • rutting resistance: retained stiffness, resistance to static creep, resistance to high stress applications
  • fretting resistance: improved binder cohesion, resistance to shearing stress

The polymer modified binder Styrelf is the ideal binder for heavy duty roads  (with intense traffic, harsh climatic conditions…), but also for bridges, airports and ports’ cargo areas thanks to its long durability and to its exceptional resistance to permanent deformation and cold cracking.

Styrelf is the result of the collaboration set up more than 35 years ago between Total and the French « Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussées » (French Administration Laboratory). It has been continuously developed to meet the changing requirements for today and tomorrow in terms of process, applications …

Please click here to view our brochure product on the Styrelf

Recycling with PMB

STYRELF RC is the specific technical solution dedicated to recycling heavy duty roads; when your challenge is to identify a solution for high-traffic wearing courses incorporating significant amount of recycling asphalt pavement (RAP), you can rely on STYRELF RC performances and experience.

Find out more about STYRELF RC solutions for recycling operations with PMB: download STYRELF RC's product information brochure


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