Azalt ECO²: for reduced temperature mix asphalt

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The Azalt ECO² range of binders has been specifically designed to enable asphalt mixtures to be processed at much lower temperatures than “standard” paving grade materials. This offers significant energy savings to the mixing unit and enables site application and compaction at significantly reduced temperatures.
To benefit from technical support relative to the storage, manufacturing and/or handling of our ready-to-use binders for warm mix asphalts, connect with our technical community.

Warm mix asphalts manufactured with Azalt ECO² binder deliver the same mechanical performances as “standard” hot mix asphalts. Hence they are designed for the same applications.
For further information regarding applications or reference trials, please contact your local office.

As for the complete range of Azalt bitumen, Azalt ECO² binders comply with the specifications of the standard EN 12591.To receive the specifications of our Azalt ECO² binders, get in touch with your local office.

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The specific properties of Azalt ECO² bitumen reduce the production and application temperatures by 40°C compared with conventional hot mix asphalt of the same grade.
Moreover, compared to an equivalent hot mix solution, the Azalt ECO² range also offers:

Energy 30% energy consumption reduction at the mixing plant (10% on the whole life cycle )

Greenhouse Gases Emissions 27% Greenhouse gas emissions reduction at the mixing plant (10% on the whole life cycle)

Total Ecosolutions is a label that illustrates Total’s commitment to engineer eco-efficient solutions for its clients, in a continuous improvement process.

This label attests to a better environmental or health eco-efficiency of the labeled products and services, compared to market standards.

This eco-efficiency is evaluated by a rigorous process, verified by an independent expert firm

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