Altek ECO² B : a low temperature PMB for the waterproofing industry

Altek® Eco² B

Altek ECO² B is a bitumen from direct distillation with additivation, allowing the bonding of waterproofing membrane and heat insulators at a temperature very lower than for oxidised bitumen.

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ALTEK® ECO²B was developed for an optimal application handling at a melting temperature 70°C lower than the one usually fixed for oxidized bitumen in standard conditions (temperature > 220°C and non-regulated temperature kettles). Moreover, compared to an equivalent solution, the ALTEK® ECO²B range also offers:

Energy Between 6% and 27% reduction in energy consumption on the whole life cycle and between 36% and 58% during the application phase.

Greenhouse Gases Emissions Between 6% and 27% reduction in greenhouse gases emissions on the whole life cycle and between 36% and 58% during the application phase.

Total Ecosolutions is a label that illustrates Total’s commitment to engineer eco-efficient solutions for its clients, in a continuous improvement process.

This label attests to a better environmental or health eco-efficiency of the labeled products and services, compared to market standards.

This eco-efficiency is evaluated by a rigorous process, verified by an independent expert firm.

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