Greenflux : fluxes for bitumen emulsions

Greenflux,Surface dressing,Bitumen

Greenflux are fluxes formulated especially for the manufacturing of anhydrous binders and for the fluxing of the bitumen emulsions. They are obtained from a mixing of crude oils selected for their physico-chemical characteristics.

Greenflux are available either for emulsions with pure bitumen or polymer modified bitumen.

The GREENFLUX range can be used safely by operators: the exposure scenario (in the extended MSDS) of GREENFLUX SD is approved by Industry associations such as SFERB (Section des Fabricants d'Emulsions Routières de Bitume) and URSIF (Union des Syndicats de l'industrie Routière Française), member of IBEF (International Bitumen Emulsion Federation).

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